Abel Ajibesin, PhD, FASI, FMACM, IEEE STEM Ambassador, Founding Editor-in-Chief, AfJUR


As a trained teacher with a background in American style education, I have always ensured a world-class curriculum with an eye on the future. The motive is to provide technical education integrated on the backbone of the American-styled system of education, to the end that students are well-rounded and up-to-date with current demands and trends in innovative technology, state of the art practice in Science, IT, Engineering and entrepreneurial opportunities.
My vast training and experience are resources that I always go with in challenging outstanding students to a greater height and motivating others to better their performance by spotting their uniqueness and recommending a suitable study approach. The success of my methodology is exceptional. Some of my students who passed through my tutelage emerged the best graduating Master’s student and PhD level from world class Universities. Some are leaders in emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Embedded System, Robotics, Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), and Data Science.
Others have established their own company. Junior staffs are not left out as beneficiaries of my policy. In my philosophy no question is dumb and nobody is negligible. I have served as the faculty lead in promoting the use of online and digital resources in teaching and learning as well as the adoption of a problem-centred approach to pedagogy. I have contributed to a model that promotes a more engaging, more efficient, and more effective learner-directed method. Colleagues and students alike applaud my teaching and leadership ability. My training in these technical fields has accorded me a panoramic view and a creative edge.

Courses that I have Elaborated and Taught

I have lectured extensively across different STEM programs. Since my teaching career, I have played a major role in developing curriculum and taught over 40 courses at different levels and universities.

School of IT & Computing / School of Engineering, AUN

1.GEC 217Engineering in Society
2.CSC 947Advanced Computer Architecture (PhD Students)
3.CSC 805Computer Communication and Network (Master Students)
4.INF 803Business Data Communications and Networking (Master Students)
5.TEL 610Telecom Markets (Services, Operators, Processes & Sys.) (Master)
6.TEL 507Telecommunications Regulation (Master Students)
7.TEL 429Communication Modelling and Simulation (Final Year Students)
8.TEL 499Advances in Communication Networks (Final Year Students)
9.TEL 480Telecommunications Management & Control (Final Year Students)
10.TEL 472LAN Administration (Final Year Students)
11.TEL 490Senior Design Project/Capstone (Final Year Students)
12.CIE 333Data and Computer Communications
13.TEL 301Principles of Telecommunications Engineering Theory
14.TEL 310Fundamental of Wireless Communications
15.TEL 361Telecommunications Protocols & Technologies
16.TEL 308Network Routing
17.TEL 252Introduction to Telecommunications and Data Networks
18.INF 206IT Systems: Hardware and Software
19.ITC 101Introduction to Software Applications
20.CIE 104Principles of Programming I
21.INF 104Programming Logic & Design
22.CSC 102Introduction to Computer Science
23.CSC 301System Programming
24.CIE 302Principles of Operating Systems
25.SEN 301Introduction to Software Engineering
26.TEL 331Telecommunication & Datacom Laws
27.TEL 351Telecommunications Network Security & Auditing
28.CSC 406Internet of Things

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, MAUTHECH

1.EEE 712Advanced Communication Electronics (Master Students)
2.EEE 705Wireless and Mobile Communications (Master Students)
3.EEE 703System Modelling and Simulation (Master Students)

Department of Electrical Engineering, UCT

1.EEE358SFundamentals of Communications Engineering
2.EEE3080FCommunication Networks & Systems
3.EEE 3076FSignal & Systems

Department of Computer Science, ADSU

1.CSC 404Computer Data Communication and Network (Final Year)
2.CSC 713Software Methodology (Masters Students)

Department of Electrical & Telecommunication Engineering, PAUSTI

1.PUE 3128Computer Networks and Protocols Design (Masters Students)
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