Abel Ajibesin, PhD, FASI, FMACM, IEEE STEM Ambassador, Founding Editor-in-Chief, AfJUR



  • AUN Faculty Award –10 Years Meritorious & dedication to University’s learning community, 2018
  • StallionAward – IEEE Collaborative Program of the year, 2016
  • Elsevier Award– Outstanding contribution in reviewing for Elsevier publisher
  • Best Paper Award– 6th IEEE International Conference On Adaptive Science & Technology, 2014
  • StallionAward – IEEE Outstanding Educational Program of the year 2012
  • ExtraordinarySkills Award in Electrical Engineering – South African Government, 2009
  • Overall Best Student Award – Faculty of Science, Ogun State University, 2001


  • Facebook EMEA Grant (COVID-19 Relieve facilitated for Start-ups) – 2020
  • AIMS/NEF Ambassador:Grant to attend and recognize innovative African Scientists at the Next Einstein Forum, Nairobi, Kenya, March, 2020
  • Innovation Program– Multi-millions Grant by the South African Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) / Department of Science & Technology (DST) in a joint project with University of Cape Town (UCT), Durban-based Internet service provider and East Coast Access (ECA), 2008
  • IEEE Grant– Grant awarded based on a program called Member-Get-A-Member (MGAMGM086006), 2008
  • IFIP W9 Summer SchoolGrant to attend summer program on wireless computing in Pretoria, South Africa: October, 2008
  • UCT/COE/EBEScholarships & research Grant, toward UCT PhD, 2008
  • UCT/COE/EBEScholarships & research Grant, toward UCT MSc, 2007
  • UCT/COETravel & research Grant, 2007
  • UCT Research Fellowship Grant– Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada, 2007
  • UCT/COEScholarships & research Grant, toward UCT MSc, 2006
  • UCT/COEScholarships & research Grant, toward UCT MSc, 2005
  • AIMS Matching Grant for Graduate Research– toward UCT MSc, 2005
  • AIMS Scholarships and Grant for ExceptionalAfrican Students – toward PgDs in Math Sc., 2004
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