Abel Ajibesin, PhD, FASI, FMACM, IEEE STEM Ambassador, Founding Editor-in-Chief, AfJUR


The following are my experience as an inventor, which is underscored by two patents and other innovative solutions:

1) Ajibesin A.A, Ahmed T. Ishaq: Intelligent Cable Theft Prevention System (NG/PT/NC/2019/3873) – Using Power Line Communication and IoT technology, the solution prevents cable theft by actively detecting cutting of the cables that are either dead or alive, raises alarm and sends location information to the nearest security agent.

2) Ahmed T. Ishaq and Ajibesin A.A: Dual-Purpose Smart Electronic Switch (NG/P/2017/465) – Using Embedded System and IoT technology, the switch is designed to put on and off electric light; it can be operated locally by pressing push button(s) and remotely through wireless network from an application that is running on a smart phone.

3) Michael Oshogbunu; Sandip Rakshit; Ajibesin A.A: Enhanced Point-of-Sale Device (NG/C/LW10399). Novel design of a point-of-sale device, which is an embodied system that enables physical retailers to obtain comprehensive consumer catalog information, and to automate the process of electronic commerce efficiently.


4) Ahmed T. Ishaq and Ajibesin A.A: Efficient Automated Ticketing System. An Android cloud-based point-of-sale system equipped with software that can be accessed anytime, anywhere from the App Store: Fully in use by Government, Organisations & Individual – Already touched millions of lives.
5) Ajibesin A.A and Ahmed T. Ishaq: Smart billing Controller. A device and App solution designed for Solar Lamp operation.
6) Ajibesin A.A and Ahmed T. Ishaq; Magic Switch. An extension of Dual-Purpose Smart Electronic Switch – can operate any bi-stable system (e.g. fans, generator) from a smart phone.

Research Philosophy:

My initial research works, including my Ph.D. thesis, focused on performance evaluation, modelling and simulation, Wireless Technology, Multicasting, energy efficiency, frontier analysis, wireless communications, broadband network and its applications. It evolved to include the Fifth generation (5G) Network, Big Data, Embedded Technology, Robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence/Machine learning.
The lion share of my professional practice is geared towards inspiring and aiding students and colleagues to develop capacity and competence in emerging technologies with the view of becoming job creators rather than seekers. My dream and drive are to establish a technological ecosystem that offers novel home-made technological solutions to the African market as well as spur talented African scientists to accomplish the same by offering necessary assistance within my disposal. To achieve this goal, I have made it a practice to mentor my students as well as encourage colleagues to consider researching in the area of emerging technologies. Some of these faculty/students are now poised to become independent researchers, while others already established their start-ups.

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