Abel Ajibesin, PhD, FASI, FMACM, IEEE STEM Ambassador, Founding Editor-in-Chief, AfJUR



MSc Students

    1. Hamajauda Samaila Peter: Performance of Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing in A Ring Metropolitan Area Network with or Without Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier Using Optisystem and Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA)
    2. Munir Maharazu Kubau: Performance Evaluation of Mobile Network Operators in Nigeria using Data Envelopment Analysis
    3. Saidu Mohammed Bashir: Users Acceptance of Mobile Money Services in Nigeria” (A Case Study)
    4. Maharazu Kasim: An Assessment of the Readiness of Information Security Policy of Nigerian Organizations
    5. Abdullahi Isa: Factors Affecting Users Acceptance of Mobile Health Services in North-West Nigeria
    6. Ibrahim Usman Pariya: Evaluating The Efficiency of Airline Operations in Nigeria Using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA)
    7. Jirnadu Theman Ibrahim: Comparative Analysis of QAM Modulation Techniques Over AWGN and Fading Channels
    8. Fari Naphtali Jalani: Assessing The Readiness of Adopting Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology in Tertiary Institutions: A Case Study of American University of Nigeria (AUN)
    9. Nteoniro Bertram Robert: Understanding The Utilization of Twitter Across Nigerian Startup Organizations
    10. Yakubu Ernest Nwuku: Performance Evaluation of MANET Proactive and Reactive Routing Protocols Using NS3
    11. Terna Akaalian: (2020). Evaluation of Mobile Banking Behavior of Ageing Population in Nigeria” (A Case Study)
    12. Yakub Akinmoyede: Evaluating The Efficiency of Selected Internet Service Providers (ISP) Services in Nigeria Using Data Envelopment Analysis
    13. Diden Precious Prince: Investigating the Integration of Quality Management System into Management Information System among Three Organizations in Adamawa State, Nigeria.
    14. Theophilus Onuoha: Comparative Analysis of PathLoss Prediction Models with Field Measurements for 3G Network in Yola Metropolis


MSc Students

  1. Muhammed Adebimpe, Performance Evaluation of Multicast Incremental Performance (MIP) and Network Coding (NC) Algorithms Using Frontier Analysis based on Output Oriented Approach


PhD Students:

    1. Tiwalade M. Usman: Wide-Linear-Deep-Learning Model for Predicting Progression of Diabetic Retinopathy (Advanced Stage)
    2. Nathan Nachandiya: Towards Adoption of mobile Health (m-Health) in Health Organizations in Nigeria (Advanced Stage)
    3. Aisha: ******** (Advanced Stage)
    4. Kumoye Akintayo Oyebanji: Natural Language Processing, Machine Leaning and Dimensionality Reduction (Advanced Stage)
    5. Garba Aliyu: An Improved Detection of Hydrocarbon by Reducing Uncertainty Using Deep Learning of Artificial Intelligence
    6. Ridwan Salahudeen: Application of Emerging Blockchain Technology in Agricultural Value Chain
    7. Garuba Naankand: Framework and Implementation of Industrial 4.0 for the Small and Medium Scale
    8. Kude Haruna Hassan: A dynamic Theory of Broadband Adoption: A Model-based Exploration and Policy Analysis of Nigeria’s National Broadband Plan.

MSc Students:

  1. Doken Edgar; Activity Recognition for Anomaly Classification in Videos
  2. Christopher Augustine; Investigating Cyber-Action and The Role of Social Media in Social Change: A Case of Current Endsars Protest in Nigeria
  3. Dili Osuhor; Sentiment analysis of social media content as a way of detecting potentials for terrorism in Nigeria.
  4. Enos Enoch; Performance Evaluation of Energy Efficient in Multicast Networks.
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